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Deanna Dalziel Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher holding a sunset

Excerpts from & Testimonials

Deanna has such a warm and powerful energy... it was as if two loving hands were holding my very heavy heart, lifting it up to the sky in light and love. 

~ Diana

I have been honored in having received treatments by Deanna! Her Reiki treatments are powerful and warm. Her visions are incredibly powerful and have helped me to understand me.

~ Mark

I had a wonderful, relaxing and restorative session with Deanna Dalziel of Healing Path Reiki & Wellness. I highly recommend her services, she is a beautiful being inside and out!

~ Charlene

I received a wonderful Reiki session & reading from Deanna. The session allowed me to purge the things from my energy that I needed to let go of and her insight that she gave me was very spot on. She saw me doing things in my future that I've been dreaming about and slowly planning but have never said anything to anyone about it. This gave me confirmation that my goals and dreams are worth striving for and not out of my reach like I sometimes fear. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone needing healing and guidance.

~ Erin M

Deanna is an incredibly gifted, compassionate and caring healer. My sessions with her have brought me healing and peace, and plenty of amazing insights and guidance that have been so helpful to me.

~ Olivia

I came home from work one day this this summer to find my german shepherd, Bear, exhibiting behaviors that were truly concerning to me. We called the vet to book him into an urgent care center. While waiting for our scheduled appointment time (covid guidelines), I remembered that Deanna did Reiki on animals and immediately reached out to her to see if she could provide distance Reiki for our beloved family member. I personally, had previously received Reiki from her and my experience had been quite incredible. 

Deanna was so gracious and agreed to help with our Bear. I took a photo of him and sent it to her and within about 15 minutes she shared with us that Bear had ingested something. She was able to share with us what Bear was feeling and described the color of the ingested item suggesting we look around our home for evidence to take to the vet. Deanna reassured us that Bear was going to be okay and this was a very powerful message as it helped me to calm down a little bit while we waited for our appointment.

By the time that we arrived to the vet clinic Bear was back to his normal, playful & sweet self. Bear received a full examination and the veterinarian believed that Bear had ingested something and it was exactly what Deanna had described to us. 

It was shocking at how accurate Deanna's reading of Bear was and I was also surprised how quickly she was able to share with us what had happened to Bear. She has a true gift for connecting to not only people but fur babies as well. Her skills, ability to connect, the ease and ability to focus healing energy truly amaze me.

I will contact Deanna every time we need Reiki.

Thank you again Deanna for helping not only with Bear but also with our little frenchie, Lola!

~ Jacki & Family

It was so relaxing and I felt simply wonderful during and after. 

~ Skye

At my last Reiki session with Deanna she mentioned working with animals, specifically horses. I didn't think much of it until my horse had been injured in a silly accident. After a vet visit and pain medication he was still hurting very badly and I could see that. At a loss of what else to do for him I reached out, in quite a panic to say the least. Deanna came that morning. She worked with him at our home and then continued to work with him for four more days distantly. I could literally see the work she was doing with my boy. After she would finish he would lay down to rest. My boy has made a full recovery. I thought it would be a much longer healing process, I truly believe and give credit to Deanna. He is 100% now. 

~ Angie

The greatest compliment is the referral of your friends and family, and I thank you.

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